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Treatment against Rats, Mice and Bandicoots.
EPA designed fixed rodent bait station used as per three line defense system.
Integrated Rodent Management includes inspection, trapping with various type of traps, proofing, stoppage, environmental sanitation improvement and use of rodenticides which are rotated to avoid problem of bait shyness and resistance among rodents.
For the success of the rodent management programme, firstly we restrict access and availability of food, water and living space for rodents; thus reducing the likelihood of successful colony development.
Secondly, in any control programme, operators must ensure 100% elimination of rodents from the given premises; thus removing the potential for the development of new generations from survivors of the control operations.
Monitoring, baiting or trapping rodents are essential parts of a successful Rodent Management Program. We provide research-based pest management equipment to complement the pest management control products that best meet your needs.
Rat Cages can act as effective traps to catch rodents like rat,mice and bandicoots.