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About Our Company

We take immense pleasure in introducing ourselves as ONE engaged in Pest Management Services, with sound technical background and commitment to provide world class services. We are in contractual services with various reputed hotels, organizations, industries, hospitals, farmhouses, warehouses and residential complexes/premises. We offer preventive methods which are very effective in controlling the pests, without causing any health hazard. It would be not out of place to emphasize that a small investment for pest management ensures prevention of a large damage to property.


  • To become the country’s most reliable Pest Management group keeping the county pest free.
  • One Team, one goal, lets save the environment.
  • To be the most valued pest management partner of all our clients.


  • To continuously deliver quality services with consistency to all our clients making them pest free.
  • To provide eco-friendly services to save the environment.
  • To sustain high level of training and support for our people to consistently provide quality service to our clients.
Mr. Gopi Nair
Founder, PPC

Our Founder

Mr. Gopi Nair is the founder & proprieter of Perfect Pest Control. Mr. Gopi Nair has 20 years experience in the field of Pest Management. Perfect Pest control was established in the year 2005. PPC has acquired various certificates and is an active member of various pest control organizations such as IPCA, Bayer and NPMA.

Eco Friendly Solutions
High Level of Quality Assurance
Maintaining high level of training and support.
Years experience
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Importance of Pest Management In Today’s world

Pests are defined as animals / plants damaging health, property and food of human beings. Rodents, Mosquitoes, Cockroaches, Flies, Fleas, Bedbugs etc are well known to transmit several diseases like Plague, Leptospirosis, Food poisoning, Malaria, Filaria, allergic reactions and other diseases. Termites, Wood-borers, Rodents etc, cause severe damage to our structures whereas several insects, mites, rodent pests damage our food grains and crop production In the crop fields, storage ware-houses and kitchens of flats / homes.

International Status


Our services are utilized by our various Overseas customers to get the First Hand Information on Pest and Pest Management issues for their Take Over Units, Joint Ventures, and Suppliers. All the Pest Management Practices and its Standard Operating Procedures are Audited and Approved by Various International Auditors and Agencies such as AIB and HACCP.

Future Scope

  • Today, the protection of food and fiber crops from insect, mite, disease, and weed pests in conventional agricultural systems still relies primarily on the use of chemical pesticides. However, continued reliance solely on conventional pesticides has drawbacks.
  • Green pest management is the need of the day.
  • There is necessity to Intensify new horizons of Biological Control.
  • Traditionally, educational and extension efforts have not provided growers with the necessary information to help identify natural enemies or determine their presence in fields.
  • The importance of natural enemies cannot be over-emphasized, and making educators and growers aware of their existence would be a first and very important step.
  • Eco-friendly odourless synthetic pyrethroids & insecticides must be used to save the environment.
  • The development of successful biological control programs will be challenging, but holds great potential.