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Fly Management

Flies are a nuisance primarily in offices and other commercial spaces with a bad sanitary environment. Flies breed in any decaying, rotting organic matter. This contact subsequently causes contamination of food and transmission of disease.


IPM approach is used for houseflies, flesh flies, stable flies.
Fly management is an intricate job, which needs to be tackled under Integrated Pest Management program where in various control measures are required to be implemented simultaneously because the chemical measures only cannot be substitute for other measures.

We refrain from spraying chemical pesticides to control flies inside the production areas even when production is suspended.
As accumulation of decaying and rotting organic matter is the original source of fly breeding, treatment will be target specific.
Customized fly management program for your business to meet industry standards and governmental regulations.
Integrated pest management for house flies combines cultural manure management methods with the use of traps and biological control agents.

Management Strategies

Cultural Control

Management of livestock waste is the first step in a pest management program. Since the house fly can complete its life cycle in as little as seven days, removal of wet manure at least twice a week is necessary to break the breeding cycle.

Mechanical Control

Traps for adult flies can be useful in house fly control programs if enough traps are used, if they are placed correctly, and if they are used both indoors and outdoors. House flies are attracted to white surfaces and to baits that give off odors. Thus, cone or pyramid- shaped traps covered with white freezer paper and coated with sticky adhesive are usually effective. Such traps can be baited with a mixture of molasses, water, grain, and milk.

Biological Control

At present, parasitic wasps are the most widely used biological control agents for house flies. An early-season augmentative parasite release program can greatly increase the population of parasites.

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